Human Camouflage by Ana Vieira de Castro

This project it’s about artificiality, the artificiality of the body positions, that represents his struggle to camouflage and be a part of whatever he’s surrounded by as well as the artificially of the light. A representation of our materialistic self, that sometimes get us a little lost with who we truly are.

At the same time, questions how time influences the objects and the human body, and how it transforms them. The absence of the model’s face has to do with the construction of our identity that changes so many times through our life, which means that he will never know who he truly is and he cannot relate with what surrounds him.

This project is undoubtedly a romanticized form of the reality of the cycle of life, where time is an important issue since it has the power of transformation, it can change over and over again during our life as well as it can corrode us turn into dust.

Ana Vieira de Castro 1
Ana Vieira de Castro 2
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