This is Not a Cushion by Mariajosé Fernández-Plenge,

The Oxford Dictionary defines memory as the faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information. But why do we remember those faces, objects, or spaces? How does our brain select of what will remain?

This edit is my recollection of memories from three months of travel. Due to my state of mind at the time I chose to point the camera to certain things, in a certain way. Three years later, when I look back at this emotional journey, I can only think of these images and the associated feeling that comes with them.

This project is an exploration of how photography affects memory, and as a consequence, our own perception of life and experiences. Our past develops our generation of new memories based on the old ones shaping us into who we are now. What would we be without the past? And is our past just memories?

Mariajosé Fernández-Plenge has an upcoming exhibition opening on Friday September 29th from 6 p.m. at SoAM studio, Brooklyn, NY.  The show will be on view through October 13th.

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