Taxis by Belinda Jao

Before leaving my hometown to pursue my studies abroad, I never really paid much attention to the taxis that roam the busy streets every day. To me, and any average person who grew up in Hong Kong, they were just vehicles that happen to be there. And because of their exorbitant fares, they were barely relevant to my life. I took their presence for granted and never really saw the point in photographing them. 

It was when I left Hong Kong had I come to realise something mesmerizing about Taxis. Based in London, I had plenty of opportunities to travel Europe. The more I travel and the more I exposed myself to the work of other photographers, I noticed that every city has a means of transportation that is particularly memorable to outsiders-- a vehicle that casts a deep impression on foreigners's hearts. We travel, and we forget. But out of all our experiences at a foreign city, that one vehicle is always one of the select few things that remain in our memories. And this particular vehicle tells a lot about the city. 

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