NY 2015/2016 by Zeyad Gohary

Photographers face a challenge in their experience of the world; finding a balance between taking part in a moment and of capturing it. I find my balance in trying to share those experiences with others. I am fascinated by the concept of getting lost, a state of mind where the value of experience is central and direction and context meaningless, this is at the core of my work.

My camera has always been the silent friend that tags along for the ride. My work is diaristic, and therefore a very personal view of my world, shaped and composed as a reflection of my current state, my thoughts and emotions. I believe a photograph is not a static rendition of an event. It is much more than that. It can be anything from a cue to a memory that unfolds like a movie reel in my mind, to a portal that leads my imagination into a personal reality.  

Zeyad Gohary has an upcoming exhibition opening on Friday July 28th from 7 p.m. at SoAM studio, Brooklyn, NY.  The show will be on view through August 11th.


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