Les Murmures d' Icare by Laurent Henrion

Basically my subject was water, vegetal and blue. And as my research and my shots continued, history tightened around the notion of "floating".  Both metaphorically and physically. This sort of strange tugging between the top and the bottom. The title comes logically from the myth ofIcarus. But I place my series rather around the moment when he is already under water and he wonders if he will let himself flow or regain the surface.


The darkness spreads softly. Only a few rays pierce. I float between surface and background, divided between the call of the dark lights and the welcoming limbo.

As if the atmosphere had changed, I do not know how to explain it. Amazed, I join the foam, fixing the image of the sun on the water. Mirage.

I catch my breath. I feel the drops that still flow into my eyes. It is dark night. The moon in the middle of the sky, the stars accompany it.

I feel as if I were recovering from unconscious blindness.


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