Namibian Dunes by Ryan Cheng

When I touched down at Windhoek Airport, I had no idea what to expect from my trip to Namibia. It is not a country that you hear people rave about as the perfect holiday destination. But, if you're willing to take my word for it - Namibia is perfectly stunning.
I spent a couple of days driving in and around the Namib Desert, with an awesome local guide named Burger (yes, like the fast food) and his beloved 4X4 Land Rover. Prior to this, I thought that deserts were simply desolate and arid environments. But as we drove through, how wrong I was.
The Namib Desert was incredibly full of life; bordered by the Atlantic ocean, there were smatterings of green growth and local wildlife roaming around us as we drove by. Springboks would glance at us inquisitively, jackals would cool off in the shade and flamingoes would stand statuesque in the smooth waves that washed up on the shore. But the most striking feature of the Namib Desert were the colours that came to characterise it.
As the sun broke through what was originally an overcast day - the environment would alter with it.The sky would take on different shades of blue, and the sand would glint varying shades of gold even pink at some spots. Combining that with the ever changing landscape - the plethora of colours reflected a painters palette, versatile and striking. Deserts may be dismissed as the least eye catching of environments. But trust me, there is beauty everywhere, we just have to be willing to look.

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