Las Horas Que Me Tomo by Ashley Frangie

Life is about burning questions. When the frenzy is installed in the enigmas, we remember that we are nothing more than dust of stars making the meaning of love a mathematical calculation that is wrong. The importance of improvising so that routine is not the only proof of man's existence is as "As beautiful as the chance meeting on a dissecting table of a sewing machine and an umbrella”, “Las Horas Que Me Tomo” its origins in an involuntary awakening that the artist lived a couple of months ago. In a sensory narrative, Frangie exposes episodes of mourning turned into daily accounts for his own understanding. This series unites the viewer with the becoming of what resides in the pieces of the exhibition. Unleashing a natural process like life itself, which is more fiercer than any death. Therefore, everything is a representation of our capacity of perception. To flight against passing numbness of the being, to give up being subjects determined by the structure. Let go to find and coexist with the incidence of variables. At the end of the road we are what we never stop being. It is better for virtue to be totally naked. Foolish fools. Substance that will exist until its memory allows it.

Karla Cova Villa

Begin Magazine