Begin with Ashley Frangie

How did your journey begin?

I was born and raised in Mexico, I grew up in a very artsy house. My mom always painted, my sister and I were always around art. I moved to Italy when I finished collage and started shooting more and more. I decided to go to school for this. Best decision of my life.

Where do you find inspiration for a new project?

It has become like a little ritual. I start putting away time to focus on ideas that have been circling me. I find a lot of inspiration in writing. Contemporary poetry, in short stories. I also love studying sculptures and paintings. I think it a lot of my inspiration also comes from being at home and focus. I travel so much, its sometimes difficult. But when I’m home and my pace is slower I can find inspiration. 

Who are the photographers that teach you something?

ufff, so many! I believe a lot in education. I think its important as a photographer to learn who came before you so can understand who will come after us. Deborah Turbeville, Francesca Woodman and Diane Arbus. 

What do you normally shoot and What would be your dream location?

I normally anything that has to do with people. I think my dream location would be a beautiful place with natural light. Something like “Palacio de Cristal “ in Madrid

What's the biggest challenge you have ever faced?

I think starting my career was very difficult. Graduating art school to and starting a career. Its hard, I think a lot of kids like me get disencourage by this first few days. 

What are you currently working on?

I'm currently doing some TV commercial, which is very new to me. I am also working on a new project about immigrant women. 

What makes you happy? And what makes you Sad?

What makes me happy, great question. Sundays, my plants, my friends around the world. Shooting, shooting anything and everything. Readying poetry, traveling, my grandmother, hanging out with my siblings.  

What makes me sad, I think sexism, global warming. Leaving. 

One book? One movie? One song? 

Delirio by Laura Restrepo. Blue is the warmest color. Rivers flows in you- Yiruma

A question we forgot to ask?

Where am I now?

How can you stay true to yourself

I hangout with the right people. Pick projects that really speak to your heart. 

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