Begin with Notas al Futuro

By Nathalie Guio, Verónica Puche, Miguel Winograd.

Jan Clieslikiewicz

What is Notas al Futuro?

Notas al Futuro is an exhibition which will be held in Bogotá, Colombia. It presents the photographic work of a diverse group of artists from Brazil, Colombia, France, Greenland, India, Korea, Lebanon, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Syria, Taiwan, and the United States. The name of the show is taken from Patti Smith’s poem Notes to the Future. The following verse has been of great inspiration to us:

“Each has a story to be told and retold

Which shall be a glowing thread

In the fabric of Man”

We want to create an open dialogue through images that promotes understanding for the cultural diversity that defines us in an era of political agitation, media disorder, and uncertainty. The act of creation represents our shared humanity.

Jhe Ming Hsu - Claudia Retegan - Verònica Puche

How did the journey of this collective project begin?

We’d like to clarify one thing first: This is not a collective, but a transnational photography project created by three Colombians: Verónica Puche, Nathalie Guio and Miguel Winograd. This project is a sample of our New York’s artistic community, and we intend to share it with people from other artistic communities around the world. Our first stop will be Bogotá, our hometown.

This idea was born last year, and things have been quickly taking shape since we decided to involve artists who share one common characteristic: They have all lived in New York City. It has been five months of hard work.

Kalen Na' il Roach

Who are the artists that took part on this project?

There are 24 aritsts and photographers in this project: Rosanna Bach, Jan Cieslikiewicz, Eliso & Pavel, Natahlie Guio, Jhe Ming Hsu, Nicole Kouri, Antonia Kuo, Igor Morales, Loubna Mrie, Martha Naranjo Sandoval, Verònica Puche, Claudia Retegan, Kalen Na'il Roach, Katrina Sorrentino, Inuuteq Storch, Camilla Svenson, Lara Tabet , Miguel Winograd, 643 Collective, Peggy Anderson, Akshay Bhoan, Groana Meledez, Minny Lee, Matthew Papa.

What is the main message you want to communicate through this exhibition?

In spite of our cultural differences, the act of creation is our shared humanity.

Miguel Winograd - Inuuteq Storch

What connects the work of everybody?

All artists have created or developed their work in New York, and all of them use photography as a mean to portray aspects of life that makes us human, in a system that divides us by imaginary borders, religious beliefs and race. Their artistic practice includes a variety of mediums and techniques – from darkroom experimentation to digital collages, photo-books, zines and straight photography. In a way, diversification of techniques inspires a dialogue between an equally diverse group of artists that come from so many different countries and backgrounds. All the projects selected are, in their own unique ways, versions of notes to a future marked by uncertainty.

Peggy Anderson

You all studied at the ICP of New York, how did you connect with all the photographers in order to start this project?

It was quite easy. We’ve known their work for some time – 2013 to be exact. Nathalie did the General Studies program in 2016, Miguel finished the Photojournalism program in 2015 and Verónica completed the General Studies program in 2013 and then received her MFA from ICP/BARD in 2016. Since then we have shared critiques and exhibited work together. We chose the artists whose work has inspired us the most, and they were excited to be part of Notas al Futuro. This response was very encouraging for us and we are really thankful for the artist ́s trust.


Camilla Svenson

What is the role of photography during the social media age?

Photography has such a wide range of roles in our society. We think that the photographic image in social media is only a small piece of this wide range. Even though phones have become such an indispensable part of our daily life, there are spaces outside the social networks and digital content for photography to develop. So, it is up to the creators and artists to reflect on the medium, on the narrative, and take decisions about where their images should appear, how they are meant to be displayed, why they are created. However anyone can take a picture nowadays. Not enough, anyone can share it to the world and have a virtual gallery. This tool allows photography to be more democratic in a sense. It is interesting to analyze because this rain of images that we received daily is shaping our brains and our perception of the reality.

Nathalie Guio - Martha Naranjo Sandoval

What are the future projects of the Collective?

We plan to have an exhibit in Mexico City soon.


When and where will be the Opening?

The opening will take place on April 26th in Bogotá, at the Espacio el Pasajero an independent Gallery, from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

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