Begin with Ping Wang

How did you journey begin?

I was born in Beijing, China in a strict military family. I didn’t move to NYC until 24 years old.Since I was very young, I’ve always loved writing and taking photos with my cellphone and putting them together in my blog. However, I later realized that words are not enough for me to describe the subtle emotions, while visuals can serve as a more interesting medium. So that’s driven me to start my photography life.

How much is yourself in your work?

That's a really good question for me!  In some extent, I think it’s 100%. Because I put those elements that I love into my work, such as : blue, dramatic and geometric shape of lights, quiet and mysterious atmosphere. On the other hand, I feel I just started, there are lots of questions and ideas in my mind I haven’t figure out yet. Indeed, I got lots of inspirations from those legend artists but I’m still looking for my art and my own world.

What's the biggest challenge you have ever faced?

I think the biggest challenge is the cultural differences, actually it’s the memories, my memories. The most difficult thing is not to remodeling memories when they fade out, but found something special that is hidden in the depths of the conscious.

When do you think of the world "successful" who is the first person who comes in your mind and why ?

A “Successful” artist doesn’t mean how rich or famous he/she is. In my opinion I think “honesty” is the key, which touches me all the time. Be themselves and facing emotions and memories frankly is very important. I think the Italian painter Giorgio de Chirico is the first person in my mind.

You have a very strong aesthetic, mixing fashion and fine art in a unique way. Where do you find new ideas and who inspires you?

The inspiration comes from the early 20th-century Surrealist painters: such as Giorgio de Chirico, Renee Magritte. My work is usually tranquil and peaceful on the surface, but conveys strong emotions from the inside. I connect with those paintings which always seem so tranquil and isolated on the surface, but convey strong emotions. So I re-created my inner world of struggling, escaping and breaking free through digital art. It also enabled me to experiment with combining fashion photography and my fine art.

Who are the photographers that we should keep an eye on?

I am mostly inspired by painters, especially early 20th Century surrealism and metaphysics painters. As for photographers, recently, I am very much inspired by the Hopper and Meditation series by Richard Tuschman.

What advice would you give to your teenager self?

Calm down, take a deep breath. And always be proud of your sensibility and dreams.

What's the message you want to communicate through your photos?

To recreated the world in my memories is the purpose for my photography works. I believe that memories will fade as time goes by, while the deep emotions hidden in one’s subconscious will follow one’s life. For me, these deep emotions hidden in time is where the my non-stop nostalgia lies.

What are you currently working on, and what do you have planned next?

Yes, I am working on a new project based on my obsession of surrealism, it’s call “Wild World”. In the new project, I want to discover more of my self-cognition and identity myth; I want to put my previous experience and my philosophy and world view into my new project.

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