Begin with Marta Bevacqua


How did your journey begin?

It began by chance. I was 16 years old, and looking for some photos or drawings to represent my characther in a web fantasy role play game. It was like this that I discovered websites such as deviantart, flickr and others. Once I found what I was looking for, I continued to browse on those websites, until I thought "I could try as well". I took in my hands a broken camera and never stopped.

How would you describe your work and yourself ?

I'm a quite emotional person, silent and a bit reserved, always dreaming about strange things. My work reflects a bit of myself. Otherwise, my pictures are storytelling (at least, that's what I think) and dreamy.


Where do you find inspiration for a new project?

I find inspiration everywhere. I can have ideas just walking in a park or in the city, just watching a movie or reading a book. Inspiration can be everywhere.

You mostly photograph women in different scenarios... what’s your message behind these

There is not a specific message. I don't want the viewer to know "my message", I want him/her to find their own. It's an imaginary story, everyone can imagine a story.

Three photographers to keep an eye on.

Zhang Jingna, Alexandra Von Fuerst, Elizaveta Porodina



The biggest lesson you learned from a failure.

Always know what you want and tell the others and do everything for it.

What are you working on? And what are the future projects you are excited about ?

I have some new projects, and especially thinking about realizing new videos.

Who is your biggest mentor in life?

His name is Daniele Fiore. He works in a totally different photographic field than mine, but he really helped me when I started.


You also direct and shoot films.  How do you translate your aesthetic in video?

It's simple. It's just my pictures, but moving.

What are the responsibilities of a professional photographer now that we are
surrounded by images?

Keep the quality standards very high.

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