Hide and Seek by Motohiko Hasui

My neighborhood in Tokyo — it's place called Yakumo in Meguro, a residential area close to the park Komazawa, where all the skaters used to be based. Nowadays it’s more a park for family and kids — which I think it's not so exciting but it's safer and nice in a way. My neighborhood it’s very slow, relaxing and peaceful.  Everyday, I walk the pathway under the cherry trees, the same place you can see in my pictures. It’s my favorite part. I like to look carefully to what I see everyday, that's where I found inspiration for "Hide and Seek". I photographed the models in dramatic moments of mundane living. 

Photographer : Motohiko Hasui

Models : Sawa Nimura and Miyu Otani

Styling : Koji Oyamada

Hair and Make-up : Rie Shiraishi and Machiko Yano

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