They Are Among Us by Natalia Samoilova

This is one of the stories from project about mermaids that like a red line passes through almost every culture in the world. But at the same time they are different by their appearance, habitats, interpretations and so on. On the other side my story not exactly about them because I didn't set the goal to shoot a remake. It is my personal vision, feeling, interpretation of mermaids. They are mystical, weird, even frightening, they have different ages, appearances, interests but at the same time they very beautiful and attractive. My mermaids like Tarkovsky's Stalker remind us about transcendence that there is something available for human comprehension although it is not an object of experience. My mermaids like Lewis Carroll's Alice live among us but at the same time in their personal reality. It is difficult to explain with help of words I am not a master in eloquence. I can feel and express my feeling by means of my camera.

Spring came and now "...they are among us...»
According to the legend mermaids are souls of people who died young, from disease, a violent death or suicide. They can't leave our world and live among us. They hibernate in still water, wake up in spring and stay among us till late fall. Each of them has her personal story.
It is a mystical and philosophical project about strange, sometimes frightening but very beautiful and attractive creatures. This project one of the attempt to pay attention to our roots, to our history, who are we and where we come from. May be even to think about death and life....
For every story I try to collaborate with different teams (especially with new stylist) who create mermaid's image according to their vision. It helps to create different stories within one project. 

Photographer : Natalia Samoilova 

Assistant : Jelena Osmolovska

Style, Storyteller : Silvija Rudzika

MUA & Hair : Lubov Rozenfeld

Model : Madara Malmane 

Dandy Model Riga

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